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SII, founded in 1937 as a member of the Seiko Group specializing in the manufacture of watches, has leveraged its core competency in high precision watches to create a wide range of new products and technologies.

With the development and manufacturing of watches requiring high accuracy and precision as our base, over the years SII has developed miniature, low-power-consumption electronic components and mechanical precision parts that pride themselves on their submicron processing capability. Optimizing our extensive experience and expertise, we have since diversified into such new fields as printing devices adapted to diverse output needs.

The evolution of technology in the environment around us, with things such as IoT, next-generation mobility, and robotics, is bringing about changes in industry and lifestyles.

SII, in the years to come, will maintain an uncompromised dedication to its time-honored technologies and innovations of craftsmanship, miniaturization, and efficiency that contribute to the development of our society and enrich the lives of those around us.


Since its founding in 1881, Seiko has introduced one revolutionary product after another, including the first wrist watch in Japan in 1913 and the first quartz watch in the world in 1969. The consolidated companies now operate in a broad range of fields, from watches to electronic devices, printers, precision mechatronics, and other products. Each one of these individual businesses strives for further leaps forward through its business alliances.

Seiko Holdings Corporation is a dedicated holding company with a new management structure to oversee all the corporation's business subsidiaries and enhance the power of the SEIKO brand.

Seiko Instruments Inc. (represented in the U.S. by Seiko Instruments USA Inc.) is a manufacturing organization historically responsible for the design and production of timepieces that established the SEIKO brand name. They currently manufacture and market a wide variety of other products such as electronic components, scientific instruments, information systems, communication products, machine tools and printers that are an outgrowth of watch making technology.

Seiko Clock Inc. is involved in the development, manufacturing and sales of clocks (desk clocks, wall clocks and alarm clocks).

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Note to the investment community: As a private organization, Seiko Instruments USA does not disclose financial information.

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Through this initiative, US Customs is asking to ensure the integrity of their security practices and communicate their security guidelines to their business partners within their supply chain.

In line with our commitment to the program, we strongly encourage our partners in business to follow the guidelines set by the U.S government through the C-TPAT program and ensure the safety of our supply chain.

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