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Seiko Instruments excels with Big Technology in Small Packages

From a world renowned watch making heritage comes expertise unsurpassed in global industry.
  • Expertise in design miniaturization.
  • Expertise in precision engineering.
  • Expertise in quality manufacturing.
These qualities have contributed to making Seiko Instruments one of the most respected, most powerful names in the world.

And these same qualities are the foundation for over 100 products Seiko Instruments USA offers to customers in the Western Hemisphere.

Whether you are an electronic design engineer; a CAD engineer; a manufacturing engineer; a graphic artist; a business person; the owner of a large enterprise, a small company or a home office; a student; or simply a giver of unique gifts -- you can benefit from Seiko Instruments' Big Technology In Small Packages.

Our goal is to provide you with products that enhance productivity.

Modernizing the Art of Electronics and Miniaturization

Seiko Instruments, the principle company in the Seiko Holdings Group, was founded in 1937 to manufacture watches, an extension of a family watch assembly and repair operation started in 1881. During the past seventy five years the company has evolved into an engineering and manufacturing giant that has brought precision time-keeping into the electronic age.

The majority of the company's business comes from the commercialization of proprietary technologies the company originally pioneered for watch manufacturing. The diversification plan began in the late 1960's. Core competency in electronics was quickly added to those of miniaturization and precision engineering and manufacturing. And the company began to apply its expertise to the development of products in four core areas: Electronic components, consumer/business products, color graphic computer peripherals and factory automation systems.

Seiko Instruments USA is the Western Hemisphere affiliate of Seiko Instruments Inc. As such, it combines the size, strength and sophistication of a global company with North and South American product development, marketing and customer support and service skills.

Since 1981, our success in applying our proprietary technologies to the needs of both end users and OEM customers is demonstrated by our impressive growth. But many companies and individuals are just now discovering how they can solve problems, enhance productivity and improve quality by utilizing the products and services we offer. These products represent a melding of superior global research, development and multinational sourcing capabilities, combined with an in-depth understanding of the needs of our customers--and their customers.

Core Values and Corporate Identity

Core Values and Corporate Identity

Core Values
          Integrity, Trust, Appreciation
We approach all our business activities with integrity, fostering the trust of our customers and society, with a sense of appreciation towards all stakeholders.

Corporate Identity
          Creating Time, Optimizing Time, Enriching Time
By continuing our pursuit of production efficiency, we help people create time; by developing electronic devices and network devices, we help people optimize their time; and by creating new values, we help people enrich their time.

Conceptual Approach
          Craftsmanship, Excitement
By creating new values through a craftsmanship comprising inimitable meticulous skills and techniques, we cherish the sense of excitement gained from delivering these values to our customers.

Behavioral Approach
          Diligence, Creativity
To reach lofty ideas and goals, we must strive with diligence for the creation of new values that are innovative enough to be ahead of the times.

Environmental Approach
          Coexistence, Harmony
As a good corporate citizen, we must seek a constructive coexistence within the international and local communities that are in harmony with the global environment.

Global Resources, Local Service and Support

Seiko Instruments strives to provide products that match the needs of customers in specific regions of the world. This is accomplished by diversifying research and development, production, marketing, customer support and service.

The goal is to develop products that incorporate the most advanced global technologies and to deliver support services matched to the needs and expectations of both multinational and local customers, wherever they may be located.

The Seiko Holdings Group

Since its founding in 1881, Seiko has introduced one revolutionary product after another, including the first wrist watch in Japan in 1913 and the first quartz watch in the world in 1969. The consolidated companies now operate in a broad range of fields, from watches to electronic devices, semiconductors, eyewear, printers and other products. Each one of these individual businesses strives for further leaps forward through its business alliances.
The Seiko Holdings Group

Seiko Holdings Corporation is a dedicated holding company with a new management structure to oversee all the corporation's business subsidiaries and enhance the power of the SEIKO brand.

Seiko Instruments Inc. (represented in the U.S. by Seiko Instruments USA Inc.) is a manufacturing organization historically responsible for the design and production of timepieces that established the SEIKO brand name. They currently manufacture and market a wide variety of other products such as electronic components, scientific instruments, information systems, communication products, machine tools and printers that are an outgrowth of watch making technology.

Seiko Watch Corporation (represented in the U.S. by Seiko Corporation of America) is responsible for global marketing and distribution of watches.

Seiko Clock Inc. is involved in the development, manufacturing and sales of clocks (desk clocks, wall clocks and alarm clocks).

Seiko Precision Inc. activities include the manufacturing/sales of electronic devices, shutters for camera and peripherals, system integration, information equipment, system clocks and production equipment.

Seiko NPC Corporation is responsible for the development, manufacturing and marketing of integrated circuits.

Seiko Optical Products Co., LTD. is active in the wholesale marketing of lenses and frames for glasses along with other optical related products.

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Note to the investment community: As a private organization, Seiko Instruments USA does not disclose financial information.

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